Canada Amendments Align Future KP Controls

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(Rapaport…May 20, 2005) Canada introduced a bill in the Senate on May 19 to ensure that Canada meets its obligations under the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. The bill proposes two amendments to the Export and Import of Rough Diamonds Act.

The first amendment would allow Canada to publish Kimberley Process Certificate-based trade statistics, aligning Canada’s methods with those of other international participants. The second amendment would clarify the size of diamonds subject to the Kimberley Process.

“The government of Canada is committed to the Kimberley Process, which is

helping build greater transparency and accountability in the international

diamond trade,” said R. John Efford, Canada’s minister of natural resources, while introducing the bill.

The Export and Import of Rough Diamonds Act in Canada is under the authority of Efford who serves as the legal guardian of implementing the Kimberley Process in Canada. At the Kimberley Process plenary meeting held in Gatineau, Quebec, in October 2004, several modifications were brought forward to improve the effectiveness of the process. As a result, amendments are required to the Act to ensure that Canada remains compliant with the international agreement.

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