CIBJO Launches Corporate Responsibility Website

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RAPAPORT… The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) has launched a new website to provide information about corporate responsibility in the jewelry sector, CIBJO announced November 5, 2007.

The site,, will also report the industry’s role in promoting sustainable economic and social development in the countries where it is active.

The launch coincided with a meeting between CIBJO representatives and United Nations officials a week ago in Geneva, which discussed the issues of corporate responsibility and sustainable development.

CIBJO said the meeting was part of an ongoing liaison program with the UN following CIBJO’s acceptance in 2006 as an NGO with consultation status to the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC.)

“The website is not only intended to act as a source of information for our industry about what we can do, but it will also inform both our members and the world about what is actually being done at the grass roots level,” said CIBJO president, Gaetano Cavalieri.

The website highlights ‘industry case studies’ and currently showcases 16 grass roots projects taking place in countries around the world.

“The ‘industry case studies’ section is a work in progress, and the number of projects listed should grow,” Cavalieri said. “We are talking about a living document, and sincerely hope that the exposure [the website] provides will encourage other members of our industry to do the right thing.”

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