KP Launches New Website

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RAPAPORT… The Kimberley Process has given its website a makeover aimed at improving efficiencies and communication between participating countries.

“The previous site had grown to be out dated and was not managed properly,” said a KP official. “We saw this as an important contribution the European Commission (EC) made to the KP during its chairmanship.”

The official said the website was the main tool for coordination between KP participants and thus proved an essential link for the efficient running of the organization. He said it would also improve the KP’s communication with the outside world.

Posted on the new site ( will include information such as KP annual reports, review visit reports, country statistics, videos about conflict diamonds, background information and other KP facts, and media announcements.

The EC ends its tenure as KP chair at the end of the year, after which India takes to the helm with Namibia as its vice chairman for 2008.

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