KP Chair Issues Statement on Marange Rough

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The following statement was issued by Kimberley Process chair Boaz Hirsch:

Consultations on Kimberley Process Arrangements
Applicable to Marange diamonds
in compliance with KPCS requirements

As is known to all Kimberley Process (KP) participants, and as is stated in the draft communiqué, circulated to all participants on November 12, 2010, the plenary did not come to an agreement regarding Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) arrangement for diamonds from the Marange area (Zimbabwe).

Consultations are ongoing and I am confident that we will find a consensual way forward which recognizes the progress made by Zimbabwe in terms of compliance with KP requirements, whilst offering sufficient reassurance that there would continue to be progress in all areas under the Joint Work Plan, so that we can eventually bring the whole of Marange – and indeed Zimbabwe as a participant – into full KP compliance.

Meanwhile, it is of utmost importance that all participants remain vigilant and ensure that the terms of the Joint Work Plan and St. Petersburg agreement are respected these consultations are ongoing.

As a consequence, no trade of Marange diamonds can currently take place under the Joint Work Plan until an agreement can be found. Participants are therefore reminded of the need for vigilance and ask participant to notify the WGM chair in the event of receipt of an irregular shipment of Marange diamonds, until new arrangements are agreed that will allow continued implementation of the Joint Work Plan, including the supervised export mechanism. I very much count on your support and will keep you informed of developments.

This notice replaces my previous notice of 6 May 2010.”

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