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Research Reports

Below is a selection of research reports on the most pressing political, cultural and ethical issues relevant to the diamond and jewelry industry, published by various industry and NGO bodies. Click on the titles to access the reports.

Industry Evaluations



Assessment of "Positive" Schemes to Enhance Formalization and Certification

in the Diamond Industry

Ian Smillie - 2011



Kirsten Hund, SRK Consulting - July 2008


Human Rights

Deliberate Chaos - Ongoing Human Rights Abuses in the Marange Diamond Fields of Zimbabwe

Human Rights Watch - June 2010

Return of the Blood Diamond - The Deadly Race to Control Zimbabwe's Newfound Diamond Wealth
Global Witness - June 2010
Human Rights Watch - June 2009

Operation Kissonde - Diamonds of Humiliation and Misery
Rafael Marques - July 2006

Lundas - The Stones of Death
Angola's Deadly Diamonds: Human Rights Abuses in the Lunda Provinces, 2004

Rafael Marques - March 2005


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