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Watch the Responsible Sourcing Conference video

Watch the recent Rapaport Responsible Sourcing Conference to follow discussions on fair trade issues in the industry.

Join the Campaign for Ethical Jewelry!
Diamond retailers, suppliers, and consumers around the world are calling for a more ethical supply chain. It’s time for the rest of the industry to hear their voices and join them.
Rough Marange
Do you know how to spot Marange diamonds?

Learn about ethics and the diamond industry from insiders.

Rapaport Fair Trade is Recruiting Volunteers

Recruiting Volunteers

Whether you've been in the diamond industry for 50 years, or just walked into a jewelry store for the first time, you can make a difference in the lives on diamond miners and cutters around the world. Volunteering with Rapaport Fair Trade is an exciting way to get involved in an important movement to create change.

Contact us now for the latest volunteer opportunities!

Obert Mpofu
Moral Clarity and the Diamond Industry

We in the diamond industry must take personal responsibility for the consequences of our business decisions.

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What is Fair Trade?
What is Fair Trade?

At Rapaport, fair trade means a product which has met the following four conditions: Fair Wages, Community Benefit, Do No Harm, and Monitoring. The process of meeting these conditions isn’t so simple...

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Fair Trade and Ethical Sourcing Initiatives

The Rapaport Group is in the process of implementing our Fair Trade and Ethical Sourcing Initiatives, including source certification, a jewelry trade whitelist, and a U.S. Jewelry Umbrella Organization.

Ethical Jewelry Directory

Ethical JewelrySearching for the perfect diamond is stressful enough without having to worry about where the diamond came from. The Rapaport Ethical Jewelry Directory gives consumers direct access to retailers who source and produce beautiful, ethical, unique jewelry.

Rapaport Services

Rapaport ServicesRapaport works within the diamond industry to create a safer and cleaner diamond supply chain. We work with people in mining, cutting and polishing, retail, and with consumers to understand all their stories and make their voices heard.


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